Kastaş is one of the world's leading manufacturers offering high-performance products in fluid power industry and innovative sealing solutions via its global sales network.

With a corporate vision of “being the first choice sealing technology partner of industries worldwide” and 40 years’ experience in sealing, Kastaş puts innovation and entrepreneurship at the center of its strategies and aims to produce high-quality, innovative and reliable sealing technologies with a focus on efficiency, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction in all business processes.

Products and application experience specially developed for different sectors.

The most advanced production technology for fast, reliable and quality products.

R&D Center focused on Material Development and Product Development.

High level Quality Assurance System audited by international institutions.

Product availability nationwide and worldwide, pre and after sales services.


In addition to the unique product and size variety , Kastaş offers hydraulic and pneumatic sealing elements and develops special sealing solutions required by many sectors, especially automotive, food and chemistry.

With its strong R&D, new generation production lines and unique quality infrastructure in its modern production facilities located in Izmir, Kastaş produces the sealing solutions that the industry needs with more than 40 years of experience. Kastaş, which has the ability to produce all phases and components of sealing element production in an integrated manner in its modern facilities of 40,000 m2, carries out all processes from product design to raw material procurement and production, including mold production.

Kastaş, a supplier of sealing solutions to the world's leading machinery and equipment manufacturers, especially in Europe and Asia, is also one of the leading manufacturers in the sector with its wide sales network and product availability in 80 countries.

Kastaş, which has the widest product range in the world in terms of design and measurement variety in fluid power tightness, supplies products with its Izmir Production Center, Domestic Branches and Kastaş Europe Sales and Distribution Center in Germany.

Engineering for Motion

For us, movement means time. It means making the heavy industry more agile by producing sealing technologies that will make your machines more reliable, efficient and productive, that enabling you to use your energy more efficiently, making your performance permanent and ensuring your quality.

Therefore, for 40 years, we have been providing the sealing technologies that will make more room to meet your intense, new and challenging demands, and provide mobility to countless industries.

With our deep engineering experience, we predetermine your start point and develop customized solutions for you. Today, as one of the world's largest manufacturers of sealing technologies, we are constantly on the move across 6 continents. We follow the needs of industrial life from moment to moment, we make the movement and motion continuous with hydraulic and pneumatic sealing solutions that will exceed your expectations in terms of performance, quality and life.