General Terms and Conditions - Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe GmbH
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  1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to all our offers, contracts, deliveries and other services provided to entrepreneurs according to Sec. 14 of the BGB, (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, hereinafter referred to as: "German Civil Code"), a legal person under public law, or a special fund under public law.
  2. The sale of products and services (“Products”) by seller as designated on the face hereof or attached writing (the “Seller”) to the purchaser (the “Purchaser”) are exclusively governed by the terms and conditions herein, together with Seller’s order specific terms agreed to in writing by the parties relating to Product prices, quantity, specifications, delivery schedules and locations (collectively, this “Contract”). Issuance of a purchase order or acceptance of the Products by Purchaser constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any additional or different terms or modifications to this Contract proposed by Purchaser, whether in a purchase order or otherwise, are expressly rejected by Seller and are not part of this Contract.
  3. These Terms and Conditions can be viewed online at any time at in a reproducible form that can be saved and printed out by the Purchaser.
Quote, Contract, Scope of Delivery
  1. Quotes provided by Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe GmbH are non-binding and must be in writing to be valid. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, a contract is not formed until Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe GmbH has confirmed the order in writing, however no later than when Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe GmbH makes the delivery. No verbal collateral contracts exist at the time the contract is formed. Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe GmbH shall provide the Purchaser with a confirmation that the order has been received.
  2. The scope of delivery owed by Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe GmbH is always determined by the written order confirmation.
  3. by Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe GmbH, retains the property rights and copyrights in all documentation from, e.g., specifications, drawings, notes, instructions, technical bulletins, technical data, or other documents or information concerning the goods delivered or services provided by Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe GmbH, both in paper form as well as electronic form; such documentation may not be made available to third parties without the express wrote consent of Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe GmbH in advance.

The prices valid at the time the contract is formed shall apply. The prices are in EUR and are valid for delivery EXW (Incoterms 2010); and do not include shipping costs, packaging costs, customs fees, import duties, or the value-added tax applicable by law in the particular situation.

  1. All transactions are settled in Euro. The purchaser may pay the purchase price via invoice, credit card or Bank Transfer. Invoices will be sent via email once your order has been shipped.
  2. In the event of payment by invoice, such invoices issued by Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe Gmbh shall be paid within the determined payment term after the receipt of the invoice.
  3. supports Visa and MasterCard. Transactions are processed in Euro, therefore depending on your card/bank, foreign currency fees may apply. If payment is made by credit card payment date corresponds to the date of order.
  4. Where the Purchaser is in default of payment, Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe Gmbh shall be entitled, while retaining any further rights in this regard, to charge late payment interest pursuant to Sec. 288 (2) of the German Civil Code

Delivery Periods
  1. The delivery period starts as the customer receives the order confirmation. In case the shipment is delayed or postponed due to occurrences that are not under Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe GmbH responsibility, it is still accepted that the delivery period has adhered.
  2. Stock information and the delivery/shipment/dispatch times that are shown on are nominal, estimated figures and non-binding. They are subject to confirmation with official order confirmation e-mail.

Delivery Methods
  • Standard Delivery
Deliveries are shipped by our contracted delivery company. Delivery cost is calculated according to the destination, volume, and weight and is displayed before the order submission. 
The delivery cost that is shown on are nominal, estimated figures and non-binding. They are subject to confirmation with official order confirmation e-mail. In case Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe GmbH offers a delivery cost or any other additional surcharge different from the order submission form, the purchaser has the right to cancel or amend the purchase order within 2 days after the receipt of order confirmation. does not calculate and display freight charges for orders to Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada and Russia. For these destinations, additional surcharges may apply and they are subject to customer approval.
  • Customer Collect

Deliveries are collected by the customer at their own account, expense, and responsibility.
Force Majeure
Neither party will be liable if its performance is delayed or made impossible or commercially impracticable due to acts of God, civil commotion, terrorism, military authority, war, riot, fire, labor trouble or strikes, unavailability of materials or components, explosion, breakdown or accident, delay in transportation, plant shutdown, compliance with governmental requests, laws, regulations, order or actions, unforeseen circumstances, or causes beyond such party’s reasonable control.

Rejections and Returns
Purchaser will be deemed to have inspected and accepted all delivered Products unless written notice of rejection, specifying the basis therefore in reasonable detail, is provided to Seller within thirty (30) days after delivery. The purchaser may not return Products without Seller’s prior written approval.