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Although our support team will always be happy to assist you for your all your questions and problems about any stage of your seal-link experience, our FAQ section below is designed to provide all information about seal-link.

For your further questions and inquiries, please use our contact form.

Support Questions & Answers


Where does seal-link located and whom does it serve?    

  • is the B2B portal of Kastas Sealing Technologies, ships from 2 main warehouses of Kastas.
  • Kastas Central warehouse in Izmir, Turkey serves domestic customers and Kastas` export customers around the world.
  • Kastas Europe warehouse in Quickborn, Germany serves mainly customers of Kastas Europe GmbH located in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


As is the B2B sales portal of Kastas Sealing Technologies, all registration applications are subject to evaluation and approval. We target to approve applications within 6 hours during working days and within business hours.
Please fill out the registration for completely including your valid VAT number.

Credit Limits and Purchasing Conditions

During the registration approval process all purchasing conditions are determined. Current customers of Kastas will be using their current discounts, payment terms and limits.

Product Range offers a wide product range of sealing elements. For both warehouses the range offered in the site consists of standard product range of Kastas. Moreover current customers of Kastas will be able to reach their regular customer-specific products from the site.


Search is easy at seal-link. You can navigate through product categories, simply filter according to dimensions or materials. In order to search a specific product that you name Kastas article no. you can use the search bar.

Kastas current customers which already have their own article no.`s defined in Kastas ERP system, are also able to search products with their own article no.`s.

What are the minimum order quantities and limitations?

Seal-link offers the same limits as Kastas standard sales limits and policies.
  • Minimum line value for sealing elements is 15 Euros.
  • Minimum line value for o-rings is 8 Euros.
Customers can choose to buy the initial requested quantity or increase the quantity to reach above line value limits. Either way the system will charge the line value limit.

Orders, Pricing and Stock Availability

How unit prices are calculated?

Seal-link displays net unit prices in Euro`s according to determined discount conditions of your account. The price appears after the user inputs the quantity in the related field.

Does seal-link shows actual stocks? displays the stock availability of each item by making a real-time check of related warehouse.
Please note that stock status information appears after the user fills the quantity field.
Although seal-link performs a real-time check of stocks and highly accurate, Kastas does not guarantees the availability of the products.

Does seal-link reserves items that are in-stock?

Seal-link only reserves the items that are added to the shopping cart, after the order is successfully completed. In case the availability status of a certain item changes until the user completes checkout, system will perform another check at the final step and indicate the line items that are out-of-stock.

How accurate the delivery time estimations for non-stock item lines?

When the inquired quantity is completely or partially out-of-stock, shows the estimated delivery time of the non-stock item. Although we target develop our system to show real-time delivery time in the future, currently the estimated time information is only indicative and determined according to our average stock replacement intervals.

What does recommended quantity field stands for?

Recommended quantity is an active field that shows the optimum purchase quantity to the customer, with a sequence as below
  1. Quantity to reach 15euro line value limit (when the inquired quantity is smaller than the limit, user can input the recommended quantity and buy more with 15 Euro.)
  2. After the first case above is being reached, recommended quantity shows the quantity to reach the next possible price column, which would offer higher discount.
  3. Recommended quantity constantly increases as the user reach the next possible price column.

Shopping Cart, Shipping Options, Checkout and Payments

How partial shipment works?

Seal-link offers the partial shipment option before checkout. This option applies in case there are non-stock items in your cart. If you choose this option, you will receive 2 shipments in most cases, as the first shipment with stock items, dispatched within 1-2 days average, and the second shipment in 2-6 weeks. In this case your sales representative will communicate you for the confirmed delivery dates of your order.

How to use the additional shipping address option?

Each seal-link account has a defined unique invoice address and a main shipping address. Before checkout, you can add a new shipping address or choose from your previously added addresses to get the delivery for the related order.
Additional shipping addresses should be in the same country as the invoice address.

How different shipping methods work?

Seal-link offers mainly 2 shipping methods as Standard / Customer collect. When standard shipping is selected, Kastas will use its contracted delivery company (GLS for Kastas Europe), and the shipment fee will be added to the invoice.
For customer collect, you can define your preferred delivery company in the related field, and shipment fees will be excluded. In this case, its under customer`s responsibility to order the courier to collect the goods from Kastas warehouse when the package/parcel is ready on its own account.

Which payment options are offered at seal-link?

Seal-link customers will have the same payment terms as they have with their regular Kastas purchases. Current account customers will only see this field as an information while the credit card customers will use this part to complete their payments.

How can I add additional notes or requests about my order?

You can easily type your order number to the related field. This number will be stored in the system and appear in the invoice, order history and delivery notes for your convenience.
For further notes and request please simply fill out your message field.

Can I save my shopping cart before I checkout?

You can save your shopping cart by defining a unique name and save it a list. You can recall this list of items back to your cart from My Account>Saved Orders.
Please note that items in the saved orders are not reserved for you. At the time you recall the list, unit prices, stock availability may change.

Can I create quotation from

Users can create their quotations in pdf format easily. After you add items to your cart, all you have to do is clicking on ``Print to PDF``
You can access your previously created quotations from ``My Account`` tab, recall the items to the cart and order.

How can I import my order list to

You can upload your order list easily by using ``import via .csv`` function.

Instructions for this feature is at the related page, where you can reach through ``My Account``.
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